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Is Online Roulette Rigged? Discover 5 Secrets to know whether it is fixed or fair game. 10CRIC, Dafabet & Betway are the top 3 Safe Sites to play Live Roulette!

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Introduction to Online Roulette

Playing games at Live Casinos have become fun as you can explore many of the cool things it has to offer. Roulette is one of the most famous casino games you can play to be entertained for a long time. It is one of the oldest casino games with many betting options you can choose from and also has many strategies you can use to play. This is a game that can help you win easily if you play by the rules and play analytically.


In India, there are many Online Betting sites with active Live Casinos where you can play Roulette on. However, sometimes trusting these Live Casinos can be a little difficult and you have every right to doubt them. This is because people often question whether the games at casinos, Roulette, in this case, are rigged or not. This is a very valid question and to know the answer to it you must read everything written in this article.

Is online Roulette Rigged? The Untold Truth about Live Casinos

As mentioned above, Roulette is a game that can be easily won, if you play using a combination of Roulette tactics well. Then why do people not win all the time? People not winning all the time can seem very fishy considering how easy the gameplay is. So, is Live Roulette really fixed? Well, no.

You see, Live Casino games cannot be fixed or rigged as long as you use a proper and reputable site. Apart from this, a proper game room is necessary too as betting sites often offer game rooms provided by external game providers.

 Speed Roulette at 10CRIC

That being said, in cases of offline casinos, there could be a possibility of the game being rigged. This is because everything matters on the Roulette table – the ball that is rolled, the table you place your bets on, and the wheel. The thing is that this could also happen by total accident as even a slight bump on the ball or the wheel can cause hindrance to achieve accurate results.

However, when learning how to play Roulette online you will see that it is almost impossible to rig even one Roulette round in the Roulette game. This is because most reputable online betting sites use an intricate system called RNG or Random Number Generator. So, if you want to rig a Roulette game, then you must use even more powerful software that can crack the RNG System.

Everything about the RNG system in Roulette Online

What exactly is this RNG system? And why is it so trustworthy? Well, this system uses the help of AI to generate random numbers through calculations. Thus, the name – Random Number Generator (RNG). This process of generating numbers is carried out for a long time and thus generates hundreds of numbers in seconds. Interestingly, this number is picked randomly from the beginning, so the animation of the wheel spinning is just to build up tension.

Online Roulette uses RNG Systems that Generate Random Numbers

Besides this, the RNG system is very difficult to mess with because in this sequence of random numbers there is no way to add your number in middle nor predict what the next number will be. One thing you could do is write down the numbers as you play and finally get a long list of all the numbers in the random sequence, but again that would take you years, so there is no way anybody can rig online roulette games.

Why do some people believe Roulette online is rigged?

After all this, why do some people still believe that online Roulette is rigged or fixed? Maybe because the sites still seem shady? Well, let us see the 3 main reasons why people still think so.

Constant Losses

When playing Roulette online, you can either win or lose depending on how well you can strategize and place bets. But sometimes, it will feel like you are constantly losing bets than winning. This definitely would make you feel like the Roulette table is rigged and only makes you win less.

Interestingly, this isn’t the case at all and has something to do with the Psychology of how you play and probably a little bit of hidden prejudice. As mentioned above, the RNG systems generate completely random numbers. So, there is no way that they purposely avoid the number you bet on. A way to avoid this is by placing outside bets. Take a look at our “Live Casino Roulette Tricks” article to see other ways to avoid constant losses.

Less Payout/High House Commission

Another reason people may feel that online Roulette is rigged is because of the difference between the payout rates and high house commission rates. Payout rates, or RTP, stands for the amount of money returned to the player when they win the bet. It is calculated using the total amount of bets made. House commission is the amount of money the casino keeps for itself.

Bet Limits and Payouts at 10CRIC

If the payout rate is low and the house commission is high then the roulette table may feel rigged. It is wise to remember that the payout rate should be higher than the house commission. That being said, Payout rates depend on the types of bets you make, so be sure to go through the payout rates for all the bets before placing them. The RTP rate at 10CRIC India is 97.30% which is a pretty good number for Roulette bets starting at only ₹10!

Lack of Trust

This reason is tied to the first reason in many ways. Besides this, the gambling world itself is viewed in a negative light. It is said that you only waste money gambling because of placing bets again and again. But in reality, you lose more money because of the game’s addicting and fun nature. So, you may not trust your betting site and blame it for taking more money from you, especially when playing Roulette online.

That being said, anything online is difficult to trust as you do not know what goes on behind the scenes. Anybody can hack accounts and hinder online systems. So, when you constantly keep losing, you may feel that your game room provider is cheating you of money and you may lose trust on almost all betting sites making it feel that the roulette game is fixed from the start.

How to be sure the site you use doesn’t fix their Roulette game?

With all the above things being said, it is better to acknowledge that some responsibilities lie with you as well, like making sure the site you use does not have any shady business going on in the background. To know where to start or how you can find this out, let us look at the points below.

#1: Check their legality and security protocol

Before you join any site, you should always check its legality and security protocol. This is because knowing about the information provided by them regarding their license and security system can help you in many ways. This is why you must select an online betting site that stays completely authentic to its policies. You must visit their official website and first check if the site is safe to use by clicking on the lock icon beside the link on the browser. Once you see the “Connection is Secure” status, you should find their license information.


The picture above is the license of 10CRIC and should be an example of what a license should look like.

  • As you can see, there must be an official logo by their license provider and their official name in big bold letters with the date of the license below.
  • Besides this, it should have the official company name, address, e-mail, and their alternative registered website’s link.
  • Of course, the operating status should appear as “Valid”.

Thus, because of this we now know that 10CRIC is legal in India.

#2: Research about the Game Rooms

Another thing you must research is the game room you are playing at. Online betting sites provide us with access to game rooms that are governed by their own terms and conditions.

  • The most famous game rooms you will find when playing Roulette online are PlayTech, Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, AE Casino, and many more.
  • Although they all provide you access to play Roulette, certain rules in-game rules may vary. For instance, the Pay-out, RTP, and House Commission rates may be different and as mentioned above, this is also a major reason why people feel casino games are rigged.

So, it is necessary for you to read the terms and conditions, no matter how boring, before you put money into many of the game rooms.

#3: Check the Payout Rate with Odds and House Commission

As mentioned above, pay-out rates are different in different game rooms as well as sites. This is because of their own price placement depending on the quality of the product. However, if some sites or game rooms offer low pay-out rates with unreasonable odds and high house commission then there is definitely something fishy going on here.


So, it is important to add the pay-out rates and odds of casinos online to your list of things you need to research.

  • Remember, Roulette is one of the easiest games to play and often has the minimum betting rate among the others. So, the payout rate and house commission should be in accordance with how much you are betting on.
  • As for the odds of the bets, they should be in accordance with a close probability of winning the particular bet placed.

#4: Make use of Live Screen

Most online betting sites have game rooms with Live Dealers handling the games. These game rooms also have access to live chat rooms and live cameras where you can see the dealer. Besides this, you also have options to view full-screen and switch the camera off. However, we suggest that you do not switch the camera off. Don’t worry the camera does not work both ways, and it has a major benefit.

Live Dealer at 10CRIC

Watching the Live Dealer is like monitoring them. So, you can see how they roll the ball in online roulette and much more. Since you do not have to worry much about the RNG system in most online roulette, this point applies to when you play online Roulette at Live Casinos. Yet again, we suggest you play in the game room with an RNG system to avoid any fraudulent activities towards you.

#5: Use a good and reputed site like 10CRIC

Lastly, and as mostly emphasized throughout the article, it is important that you pick a good site when playing Roulette even if you are doing it for fun and just exploring. Our suggestion is that you use one of India’s top online betting sites 10CRIC. This is because 10CRIC fits the criteria of what a good and reputable betting site should have.

As shown above, the betting site has an official license provided by Curaçao eGaming License Validation and is an actively valid website. Besides playing Roulette you can play other casino and slot games and even indulge in sports betting online.


So the final answer, to the most frequently asked question – is online Roulette rigged? – is NO. You just need to be careful on your end and also responsible enough to do enough research about where you put your money into. Besides this, you must visit forums and other available review sites to talk to people and find out the real truth behind these game rooms and their sites. Here, we fully assure you that you can trust 10CRIC with your money when playing Roulette online.

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