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Are you wondering why are you still at the starting point of your online gambling journey after gambling for years? Instead, wonder about the strategies you have been using. If they took you nowhere near to success, then it is the time to change them with the 10CRIC online baccarat winning strategy. Know 10 online baccarat winning strategy, not just one, and start earning real money.

#1. Martingale baccarat strategy

Martingale baccarat online strategy is the most popular online baccarat strategy. Most common too. This strategy requires simple math and loyalty to one side of the baccarat, either player or banker.


  • Punters are supposed to double up their bets consecutively until they win. They go back to the initial bet after winning the bet. Martingale is supposed to even out your losses.
  • For instance, you bet ₹10 on the banker and lose. Double up the bet to ₹20 on the banker and if you lose again, then double up ₹40 on the banker. If you win at this, then go back to the base bet of ₹10.

#2. Paroli baccarat strategy

Paroli baccarat strategy is the reverse of the martingale baccarat strategy. In this, you continue to double down your bets until you lose. We recommend using this strategy for change’s sake.

  • In the Paroli baccarat strategy, you double down the bets until you lose the round. If you lose, then go back to the initial bet after losing. It neutralizes your loss in the game.
  • For instance, if you bet ₹10 on the banker and win, then double the next bet to ₹20. If you win again, double the bet to ₹40. If you lose, then go back to the initial bet of ₹10 in the next round.

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#3. Fibonacci baccarat strategy

The sequence of Fibonacci baccarat strategy is 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, etc. Hence, the procedure of Fibonacci is the same as Martingale’s, instead of doubling down you multiple the above sequence.


  • For example, if you bet ₹10 on the banker and lose, then the next bet will be ₹20. If you lose again, then the next bet will be ₹30. If you lose again, the next bet will be ₹50, and it continues.
  • Until you win the bet and recover your lost money back. If you observe the sequence, you’ll realize that the next bet is equal to the sum of the last two bets. That makes it an easier strategy.

#4. Be loyal to a banker to the very end

The banker has the least amount of house edge in the 10CRIC live casino and greater odds. That’s why punters like to choose bankers often. We recommend you choose a banker if you follow the above strategies.

  • Baccarat strategies are often the test of your loyalty. Don’t lose sight of the main purpose of strategies and never change the strategy midway. Enjoy the game and let yourself have fun.
  • We promise you that you’ll gain money after using these strategies, but we also want your loyalty to the strategies in order to gain real more money. Have happy earnings!

#5. Observe the scoreboard & spot the pattern

There will always be a scoreboard in the bottom left corner of the screen to tell the previous winners of the baccarat rounds. Look out for the scoreboard, observe, and spot the possible pattern.


  • You can always take a possible guess by seeing at the scoreboard. You can see the previous winners of baccarat, was it the player or banker? Know the previous result to predict.
  • Don’t get delusional while observing the scoreboard. Take it lightly and don’t forget to enjoy the rounds. Observe the scoreboard thoroughly to predict the winner most likely.

#6. Do not waste your time on tie bets

Tie bets are rare. No one can tell when they’ll happen. You can always take that huge risk if you get your money from a tree. But, if your hard-earned money is precious to you, then never bet on a tie.

  • Many online gambling platforms don’t consider a tie, it’s neglected as it is a rare incident. Betting odds over a tie bet are extreme. There’s a huge amount of profit in a tie bet.
  • But there’s also a huge amount of risk in a tie bet. So, it’s your call at the end of the day depending on your bankroll. We recommend you to not waste your time on a tie bet.

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#7. Never go for all-in bets in baccarat

Use a limited amount from your bankroll to play baccarat online. We suggest spending only 5% of your monthly salary on gambling every month. Make a limit for yourself and stick to it strictly.


  • No matter how much money you bring while online gambling, never spends all your money on one bet and one game. Diversify the paths for your money to travel to gain the most.
  • As it is said, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If the basket falls, all the eggs will break. Instead, keep them in separate baskets. This implies your money and gambling too.

#8. Don’t change strategy in the middle

Never! We repeat, never change the strategy in the middle of the baccarat game. If you want to leave the game, it’s completely fine but never change the strategy midway through the baccarat session.

  • The only way for a strategy to work is to be loyal to the strategy to the very end of the baccarat session. If you choose to bet on a banker, then continue to bet on the banker until the very end.
  • Baccarat strategies are a good test of your loyalty. Changing the strategy in the middle will mess up the flow and you might end up losing more than you gained in one wrong move of change.

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#9. Bet in short baccarat sessions

Remember, the primary purpose of baccarat online is fun and blow steam. Don’t gamble to increase your stress, it’s a game for fun, thrill, suspense, enjoyment, and blowing the steam off your head.


  • Play short and slow sessions of baccarat online. Long and fast sessions might make you more tired and you’ll end up losing the track of your bets. Go for long sessions if you are a pro.
  • Play baccarat online for enjoyment and don’t let the losses get over your head. Play it short and grab more money. Play in a good mood, not for the sake of regaining your losses.

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#10. Always read terms & conditions

There are many variants of baccarat that you are familiar with, and every baccarat variant has a different RTP percentage, odds, and house edge. Be careful which one you choose to bet on.

  • This point not only stands for baccarat online but every other online gambling game. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly before starting your online gambling journey.
  • Understand the RTP, odds, better betting options, and most importantly, house edge. Be sure there’s no way to take more commission from you after you win the baccarat round in-house.


Keep the 10 mentioned above online baccarat winning strategy in your mind. Use them and see their impact, let us know how helpful they were below, so that we can continue to provide more online baccarat winning strategy. Help other punters to believe in us after seeing the impact of these 10 wonders. Join 10CRIC India now and grab an amazing opportunity to earn ₹3,000 every day.

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