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No download, No registration! Enter & enjoy the world of slots without spending a penny! Learn how to play free online slots at 10CRIC India in 3 simple steps!

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Introduction to slot game online free

Slot game online free is played for fun without placing any money down. The slot games that provide this type of functionality are identical to real money, although they may usually be played in a demo or free mode.

10CRIC play free online slots

10CRIC India provides around 1800+ slots games out of which 1000+ are available for free. No doubt 10CRIC is the ideal place to begin if you have never played a slot before. You must be wondering why choose 10CRIC India only, we have an answer to that as well. Keep scrolling…

5 Reasons – Why play free online slots at 10CRIC?

Slot game online free is no doubt completely risk-free. Also, they provide the same advantages as their paid counterparts. What are the upsides? Why would anyone want to play free slots game at 10CRIC? So, if you haven’t tried free 10CRIC slots yet, keep reading and you might reconsider.

10CRIC play free online slots

#1. Boosts responsible & safe gaming

The best part about playing free online slots is that you can get a taste of the thrill without risking any of your own money. It’s a terrific setting for those who want to spin slots reels but don’t want to risk their money.

#2. Perfect for practice

Because the 10CRIC free slots game closely resembles the actual thing, they’re a great way to be ready for the real money play. You can learn the rules of the slot for free. You may practice until you get the hang of it because you’re not risking any real money.

#3. Experiment new tactics & strategies

If you’ve previously tried real money slots, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try free slots. 10CRIC India offers you the possibility to play free games and download free slot applications, providing you a great opportunity to test out new 10CRIC casino tips. Before you put a new style of play into practice in the real world, try improving it.

10CRIC play free online slots

#4. Play fear free

You won’t squander money on free slot games you don’t want to play if you have your checklist, customized to your interests. Also, there is no worry about checking the min bet amount of slot games, since you are playing for free.

#5. Limitless fun

Playing slot game online free is a great way to unwind, relax, and just play your favorite free slots games for fun – without getting caught up in the chase for big prizes. However, not losing your hard-earned cash is a nice trade-off!

Wanna play more free games? Play 10CRIC 7 up 7 down dice game for free and enjoy the game without losing a single penny. Check out top 10 best online slots & spin the best reels for huge prizes.

3 Steps on how to play free online slots at 10CRIC

Playing slot game online free at 10CRIC India is a cakewalk. All it takes is a few clicks on your PC to get started. So keep reading to find out how to play slots online at 10CRIC for free!

Step 1: Visit the official 10CRIC India website

  • If you want to play free online slots, you must visit the 10CRIC official website.

10CRIC play free online slots

  • Now on the homepage of 10CRIC India, click on the Casino tab from the menu bar.
  • Now click on the slots section from the sub-menu bar to enter the world of slots at 10CRIC.

Step 2: Click on Wild wicket slots for free play

  • Kric88 recommends you try Wild wicket slots for free since it is the most popular slot at 10CRIC India.
  • You may learn how to play 10CRIC wild wickets slots for real money as well after gaining enough confidence from free play.


10CRIC play free online slots

Simply hover your mouse over Wild wicket slots games, and click on the Game info.

10CRIC play free online slots

  • On a new page you will get 2 options to choose from: Play for real and Try it for free.
  • Click on Try it for free.

Step 3: Start spinning 10CRIC wild wicket slots

  • 10CRIC provides you with free cash of ₹1,000 to enjoy your Wild wickets slots. You may also try out 10 online slots tips & tricks to improve your odds of winning.

10CRIC play free online slots

  • And the minimum bet you can place per spin is ₹0.20.
  • Now, hit the Spin button to start the game, and have fun learning & winning.

10CRIC promotion – ₹20,000 cash prize + 10 free spins

If you are satisfied playing slots game online for free, then quickly signup at 10CRIC Register & start spinning for real money. The main advantage of playing for real money is, on signup you can grab some exclusive freebies.

10CRIC play free online slots

  • New players can earn a 200% welcome bonus up to ₹20,000.
  • Along with that 10 free spins to boost your slot’s adventure.
  • The minimum deposit is ₹1,000 to be eligible for this promo.
  • Check out the 10CRIC welcome bonus for more great deals.


Playing free slots is a great way to learn the game & improve your slots strategy. Hope you are happy reading this article on how to play free online slots no download no registration at 10CRIC. Whatever your motivation for playing, make sure you spend some time learning about the game rules you’ll be gambling on!

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