Playing Cards in Dream Meaning: Unravel Secrets of 7 Dreams

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Have You Dreamt of Playing Cards Recently?

Dreams are mysterious phenomena in the world that nobody really has the answer to. Well, psychoanalysts and scientists have tried to give us a definition, which may satisfy some, but does not really answer the question completely. This is because there are many cultures that believe that dreams are windows to the future and if interpreted correctly, they could help in guiding a person to live life to their full potential.


In fact, this has never been truer when it comes to dreaming about card-related things because cards are and have been a great way to interpret complex signs for a long time now. But again, as I mentioned, dreams do not really have a fixed definition, so take these interpretations with a pinch of salt and by the end of this article, you will learn how you can apply these interpretations to your life, and you can sometimes test out your dreams and luck by taking your dreams literally and playing card games at 10CRIC.

Are Dreams of Cards a Good or Bad Sign?

Before we get into the main topic of this article, let us first clear the air out by addressing the main question – are dreams of cards good or bad?

  • Well, card-related dreams can be good or bad. Good card dreams definitely come with rewards and pleasant surprises.
  • As for bad dreams, here you will notice that we are not going to be calling any bad card-related dream a nightmare because they come with some of life’s greatest lessons.

Thus, there is no answer to whether dreams of cards are a good or bad sign because, in the end, it depends on how you interpret it. Dreaming about cards does not only mean that you are playing cards, although that is a popular one. In fact, cards show up in dreams in many ways. So now let us look at the 7 most common card dream scenarios and what they mean.

#1 Playing Cards in Your Dreams

The most common card dream that is seen by many people is playing cards in dreams. Interestingly, this dream of playing cards comes with many interpretations based on why you are playing cards.

  • Playing Cards and Winning: If you dream of playing cards and winning them, then just like in your dreams, you will win something in real life. This win could be a new job role or a new friend or an opportunity that you definitely should not turn your back away from.
  • Playing Cards and Losing: Just as you guessed, this dream can be a bad sign but if you think about it, it can be interpreted as a good dream because it warns you that you may lose something soon. So, be sure to appreciate everything around you with fewer complaints and more gratitude.
  • Playing Cards for Money: This dream, although it sounds like a positive one, is an indication that you will soon face some sort of trouble financially or would be struggling to keep a relationship in place as it was before.

That being said, playing cards for money and winning, which also could be dreams about gambling and winning, could be a good sign but playing cards for money and there is no sign of money anywhere indicates all the upcoming struggles in life as a warning sign.


#2 Your Loved Ones Are Playing Cards

Watching our loved ones achieve great things is always a good sign, however, when you see your loved ones playing cards without winning or losing or any sign of money is often interpreted as a misunderstanding or an argument that will occur between you and the person you see.

  • This dream also represents that your loved ones are not being completely honest with you and are hiding something from you.
  • Dreaming of somebody close to you playing cards is popularly known to be an indication of some arguments that are about to take place which can often lead to a major strain in the relationship.
  • It is also an indication that you must wisely choose whom to trust and whom to not trust, which means that you can get backstabbed at any time.

However, like most dreams, this could also be an indication of how you must opt to clear any misunderstanding beforehand by sitting down and talking things out. This could save a relationship from going to dust. On the other hand, this also indicates that you should keep your guard up around some people who wish to cause harm to you. Playing Poker is a great way to bond with your loved ones but what if your dreams were about the Poker card game? Find out about Poker Dream Meaning by reading our detailed article on it.

#3 You Build a House of Cards

Just like it sounds, this dream is a positive dream that you will be thrilled to see because this does not really mean that you will be getting or building a new house for yourself but here, you are in the house of cards.

  • Dreaming of building a house of cards indicates that you are taking steps to make the necessary changes for yourself to help you grow gracefully.
  • This dream also indicates that you will have many positive things to look forward to in the near future.
  • Additionally, building a house of cards in your dreams also represents the reputation you will gain soon which is full of respect and admiration from your loved ones.

So, when you wake up and remember your dream of building a house of cards, then your day is definitely bound to go well as is your near future. The only step you must take is of making the necessary changes when needed.


#4 Destruction of a House of Cards

When you see that a house of cards is being destroyed by you or by someone else, then you do not have to worry, because these dreams reinforce the necessary changes you must make to keep going, and thus, it is an indication of these dreams.

  • The interpretation of dreams like these could be linked to the aforementioned dream about building a house of cards and this is because they both have a common factor and that is individual growth.
  • So, when you dream of the destruction of a house of cards is dreams, this could mean that you have left a place that you have been at for a long time.
  • This could be interpreted as leaving a job or ending a long relationship to find something that can not only help you get more space to grow but also keep you satisfied.

That being said, it is also possible that you will be seeing someone else destroy a house of cards and this is highly related to the aforementioned dream. As you build your house of cards, you should be the only one allowed to destroy it to make necessary changes. Seeing someone else destroy a house of cards could mean that you will face heavy criticism for making many chances.

#5 You See a Card Trick

Seeing card tricks is always fun, however, seeing it in a dream means that you have to be more alert in real life. This is because as the name suggests this dream could mean that you could be tricked by someone in life.

  • That being said, if you think about it, the first thing that happens to you when you see a trick is that you are surprised.
  • So, seeing card tricks in dreams could indicate that you will receive a surprise soon, from someone you know or an unexpected one.
  • Of course, this surprise can either be good or bad, meaning that it could either make you happy or sad.

Thus, seeing card tricks in your dreams can be tricky however, they could also mean absolutely nothing as this is the dream that is the least card-related dream people tend to get. But we recommend that you be prepared for what is to come and embrace change whether this occurring surprise is a trick or a treat.


#6 Trading Cards in Your Dreams

Trading cards in your dream can again be a good or a bad sign depending on how you take it. However, it does have a very simple interpretation of it and that means that you will gain something in exchange for something.

  • Card dreams are interesting because they occur with many scenarios yet there are some vague dreams that are hard to categorize as good ones or bad ones.
  • Dreaming of trading cards is one such dream with a vague interpretation because this could mean that you will have to soon lose something precious to you but gain something rewarding in return.
  • However, this could also mean that you are forced to compromise something valuable to you for the sake of others.

Thus, we surely hope that the dream you get about trading cards has more to do with the first interpretation because acquiring something new to help growth is always a positive sign of self-development and that is why when it comes to compromising something valuable to you, you should make careful decisions.

#7 You See Card Numbers

Although we mentioned above that you should take most of these interpretations with a pinch of salt and not take them literally, we recommend that you take the interpretation of seeing card numbers in dreams very seriously because if you are lucky, you may hit a jackpot!

  • Seeing numbers in dreams has many interpretations but seeing card ranks could indicate that you are going to be very lucky soon.
  • Seeing card numbers in dreams means that you can expect a financial sense of stability as you may get a raise or find some extra cash in the pockets of old jeans that you randomly found at home.
  • What is even more amazing is that if you see card numbers clearly in your dream, we recommend that you wake up and immediately pen them down because you will need them to play the lottery.

But why should you play the lottery after seeing card number dreams? Well, because many people believe that through the law of attraction, you have managed to attract great luck from the universe via a mysterious pathway known as dreams. If you wish to do so then you should give 10CRIC Live Casino a try to play exciting card games.


Has Anyone Hit the Jackpot Because of Playing Cards Dream Number They Saw?

By now you must have learnt a lot about the different dream scenarios and their interpretations, but the last dream scenario is definitely running around your mind and you probably must be wondering whether anyone actually did win a jackpot because they bet with the numbers in their dreams.

Alonzo Coleman, Winner of the Lottery by using the Numbers in Dreams
  • Well, the answer to this is basically no and yes, because there have been no instances of anybody winning by playing with the card rank numbers they saw in their dreams.
  • However, earlier this year, in Virginia, a man named Alonzo Coleman saw numbers in his dreams and went to buy himself a lottery ticket. Upon playing with those numbers, he ended up winning a jackpot worth two hundred and fifty thousand dollars!

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This way, there have been many instances where people have claimed that the numbers they saw in their dreams helped them win big in life. And these numbers do not only have to do with lottery tickets, they could be the birthdate of the love of your life you haven’t met yet or the door number to your future apartment!

How Can You Make Use of Your Card Dream Interpretations?

Most of the dreams, except you could say for the last one, are metaphors that have been created to make sense of why you keep seeing cards in your dreams and so, although some might not believe in them, you can take these interpretations as great life lessons or use them as a placebo to help you get through the day.


If you see yourself winning the jackpot playing cards, then you definitely will wake up smiling and happy and nothing could really ruin your day. That being said, if you want to hit the lotto because you woke up from the last dream scenario but are too scared to go and get yourself a ticket, then you should give online betting sites like 10CRIC India a try and test your luck there with the instant results it provides.

In Conclusion

These were the 7 scenarios and their interpretation of playing cards in dreams meaning. It is important to note that you must take these interpretations with a pinch of salt and not take these dreams literally. However, as mentioned above, these dreams can be used for positive reinforcement to promote self-growth and also can help in accepting new changes for growth. With this, you too can come up with your own interpretations of the dreams related to cards that you get to experience something rewarding or an important life lesson.

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