Poker Dream Meaning 2022 – Deep Psycho-Analysis of 10 Dreams

Know hidden Poker Dream Meaning, interpreted by Psyco-Analyst for 10 Poker Dreams. Follow your instincts & predict if something good or bad is about to happen.

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What is a Poker Dream Meaning?

Dreams are one of the mysteries in the world which visit us almost every time we close our eyes. It shows us things that are sometimes beautiful, sometimes hard to interpret, and sometimes scary. Some people call it doors to the future, while others call it windows of the past, and interestingly enough, nobody really knows its true nature.

What Are Dreams and Do they Come true?

The question of what exactly dreams are and whether or not they come true has persisted for many years and almost all people have their own opinions about it.

Many People have Casino Related Dreams that have interesting interpretations.
  • The only proper answer we have managed to find is by using scientific methods to analyze the brain explaining it to be a part of our subconscious mind.
  • Yet again scientific answers are often too less to explain most of the mysterious things about dreams because when it comes to the question of whether dreams come true, then yes. Many people have claimed to have experienced something similar to what happened in their dreams.

So, what if these dreams were about casinos and poker that many people seem to have? Evidently, most poker dreams do not have anything to do with the subconscious mind unless you have a poker gambling addiction. So what exactly are these dreams trying to tell you and how can you interpret them, additionally do these dreams come true when you use online gaming sites like 10CRIC? Let us look into it.

Top 10 Poker Dream Scenarios with Interpretations

If you sort out this article to know the meaning of your poker dream then you must know that you are not alone. In fact, many people tend to dream about poker and what is even cooler is that you will find that all the poker-related dreams are not always the same, they come in different scenarios and sometimes do not even include the game poker at all! Let us look into 10 of the most common Poker dream scenarios and their interpretation.

#1 Dreams about Playing Poker

  • One of the most common dreams you will hear of related to Poker is dreams of playing poker.
  • Here, you do not play to win or play to lose, you just watch yourself playing poker.
  • Dreams like these are interpreted as some risks coming your way in life. These risks can be small to big as you will be carrying out these risks yourself.
  • These risks could be that you may plan to start a new business or invest money somewhere so it is advised to calculate the pros and cons and make wise decisions.

#2 You Dream of Winning Poker

  • Unlike the previous Poker dream scenario and meaning, here you see yourself not only playing poker but also winning the game.
  • The amount you win when playing poker may not be clear, but winning is what matters in these dreams.
  • Dreams of Winning Poker means that some achievement is coming your way. Just like the winning amount does not matter in the dream, this achievement can be something big or something small, but you will experience some positive gains.
  • This positive gain from dreaming of winning poker could be a promotion or making it to the bus stop on time despite waking up late. It is advised that you keep a lookout for such gains.
Poker Dreams where you Win have positive interpretations.

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#3 Losing Poker in Dreams Meaning

  • Losing poker in real life is sad enough and often comes forward without too much warning. However, losing poker in your dreams could come as a warning sign.
  • Here, you see yourself playing poker but you end up losing more times and this dream almost feels like a nightmare.
  • The interpreters interpret these dreams of losing poker in a brutally honest way and suggest that you should come clean of your lies.
  • Besides this, they advise you not to make promises you cannot keep to loved ones or business partners.

#4 Dreaming of Poker Cards

  • The Pkoer dream meaning behind seeing poker cards or cards, in general, is very interesting and probably has the most realistic interpretation of them all.
  • In this poker dream scenario, you notice that you do not play poker, lose, or win the game, but instead, you only see cards. These poker cards could be dealt to you or you just randomly find the poker hands in your dreams.
  • The interpretation of this dream scenario states that something new will be dealt to you and it is for you to decide whether you want to continue with whatever is dealt with or make some necessary changes in exchange for small sacrifices.
  • Regardless of what you decide you won’t be able to interpret the outcome because in the end, the dealer gets to deal the last card.

#5 Seeing Poker Chips in Dreams

  • Another dream similar to the previous one is the scenario where you see many poker or casino chips in your dreams. However, it is more positive than you think.
  • Here, you will dream of randomly finding casino or poker chips on a table or back or suitcase in your dream. This symbolizes that you will gain surprising rewards in real life.
  • Finding Casino or Poker chips in dreams could also symbolize wealth or that you will be receiving tons of money soon probably through a new promotion.
  • Additionally, experts suggest that if you find many chips all in one place, then you should appreciate all that you have before it is too late.


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#6 Coming Across Poker Table in Dreams

  • Coming Across a Poker Table in dreams is a pretty interesting sign as well as a warning. This can either turn into a nightmare or an awakening dream.
  • Here, you will find yourself either looking at a Poker table from afar, randomly coming across it, sitting at a poker table, or walking on a huge poker table.
  • You may also find that you are sitting with strangers with a familiar faces, ironically. Interestingly, this dream is interpreted as a huge competition in your life against your peers or family members.
  • Apart from this, it could also mean that you have trust issues and do not see your loved ones on your side. For the latter, experts suggest that you open up to the people close to you and build trust among friends and family.

#7 Someone You Dislike Wins Poker in Your Dreams

  • You probably must be thinking of this as some sort of a nightmare but indeed this dream is a pretty one and like the above, could be something beautiful.
  • Watching someone you dislike win poker in your dreams could be infuriating but the interpretations say otherwise.
  • This means that you are subconsciously ready to make amends or forgive a person that has done you wrong.
  • Here, experts suggest that you contact this person and sort things out and in turn build trust again. A new and fresh friendship could grow between the two of you.

#8 Dreams about a Loved One Winning Poker

  • The opposite of the previous dream is also a common scenario when it comes to poker dream meaning, and in fact, is probably the most wholesome dream you will see related to poker.
  • Interestingly, this dream has nothing to do with you, in fact, you could be a side character in this dream.
  • Here, you dream of a loved one winning poker and this dream is interpreted as something good or good things happening to your loved ones.
  • Seeing others in dreams is not common and so, experts say that you should contact your loved ones and let them know to look out for opportunities coming their way.


#9 A Stranger Wins Poker in Your Dreams

  • What if you dream of a stranger winning poker? Could it be something bad or something good in terms of dream interpretation? Well, there are two different Poker Dream meanings for this one.
  • Here, you will find in this dream or hear in your dream about someone winning poker and interestingly enough you won’t know who it is even when you see the face.
  • The meaning of this is interpreted as you being nurturing and caring and that someone soon will need your comfort so you should continue being kind.
  • However, experts also caution you when you dream such things as because of your kindness you might pass on some great opportunities for others to grasp.

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#10 Creepy Dreams about Many People with a Poker Face

  • Lastly, a dream that can be terrifying and even can be called a proper nightmare is a creepy dream about seeing many poker faces.
  • In this dystopian like dream, you might find many unfriendly faces who maintain a poker face which might often make you feel alienated in the dream.
  • These dreams are interpreted as a caution you must take when trusting those around you as not everybody’s intentions around you can be understood well.
  • Another thing experts point out is that you may sometimes find yourself with a poker face and this could mean that you are hiding your true emotions and intentions from others.

Are the Interpretations of Poker Dream Meaning Legit?

Now that you have discovered the 10 most common poker dreams meaning it is time to address the most important question of them all – are all these interpretations of poker dreams and their different scenarios legit? Well, to give you a direct answer, no.


  • Most poker dream meanings are derived from and looked into with a metaphoric sense. What happens in real life, depends on the choices you make.
  • So, you could dream about winning poker but if you do not do your job well, you will never get a promotion.

But do not let this stop you from dreaming because all these interpretations can be used as placebos which in turn can change to positive reinforcements that can help you in your day-to-day life. It is like reading horoscopes, they aren’t true but if your horoscope says that you will find happiness today then you subconsciously make sure to not be upset over anything, and if it says that you will lose something for the day then you will be sure to be very careful with whatever you own.

Will You Win Poker In Real Life Based on Your Dreams?

Another important question that often pops into the mind of casino players who dream of poker scenarios is whether they would win real-life poker and hit a jackpot if their dreams are positive. To be fair, most dreams are interpreted in a metaphorical sense and not taken directly, however, this does not mean you cannot test things out using the 10CRIC promotion.


  • Well, the answer to this question depends on how good of a poker player you are. Playing poker is a skill and yes, it definitely depends on how lucky you are. But it also depends on how well you can deal with the hands dealt to you.
  • Additionally, if you are smart in choosing a good place to play and manage to avoid all the scams online, then you definitely will be able to hit a jackpot.

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In Conclusion

These were the hidden 10 Poker Dream Meaning that has been analyzed by experts. Believing in them to be true or not of course depends on you in the end. Another thing that you must remember is that poker dreams can be taken metaphorically for life lessons or used literally to hit an online casino today and play poker games to see whether or not your dream comes true. If you decide upon the latter, then be sure to use 10CRIC as it is the go-to online betting site for many Indian Poker players.

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