7 Strong Sic Bo tricks & tips – Earn money up to 100$ daily

Want to double up your money? Instead, think big & increase it by 150 times! Discover 7 strong Sic Bo tricks & tips to use & earn real money upto 100$ every day

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You have the ability to double, triple, and even increase your winnings by 150 times with Sic Bo, as many did at 10CRIC India. Play Sic Bo online casino game and increase your wagering amount with Sic Bo tricks and tips at 10CRIC India. Know the top 7 Sic Bo tricks and tips to play and earn yourself a fortune. One of the punters won 5000$ in the span of 6 months through Sic Bo live casino.

#1. Low-risk Sic Bo strategy

Placing your bets on even, odd, small, and big betting options with the least betting amount is a low-risk Sic Bo betting strategy. It’s best for new punters, who have just begun their online gambling journey.


  • These Sic Bo betting options double up your wagering amount, that is, if you placed a bet of ₹20 on a small number and win, then your pay-out amount will be ₹40.
  • You can place bets on more than one betting option in one round of Sic Bo. Hence, you always have an opportunity to balance out your winnings and losings.

#2. Limit the betting options

There are many betting options in Sic Bo and that’s why you must limit the betting options for yourself. Why should you do that? Because different betting option holds the different probability of winning in Sic Bo. The triples have the highest odds of 150:1 & even-odd have 1:1 odd.

  • Place your bets in low-risk betting options if you are afraid of losing a large chunk of money. Some of the easiest bets to bet over and win are even, odd, big, and small numbers.
  • If you want to level up the risk a bit then you can choose to bet on higher betting options like two dice, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, with 5:1 odd.

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#3. Use mixed bet combinations

Betting on more than one betting option in Sic Bo increases your chances of winning in at least one bet. For instance, you can place bets on even and small, or odd and big, etc many more like these.


  • Hence, bet in a pack. Make a combination of betting options that you think are suitable after seeing the previous winners. Place mixed bets in great combinations and triple your amount.
  • What’s the benefit of mixed bets? Well, you don’t end up losing all your wager amount in the game and always have a greater chance of getting it back like it was never lost. Know more casino tips to win loads.

#4. High-risk Sib Bo strategy

What do you consider to be a high-risk strategy? Well, placing your bets on higher odds can be one example of such a strategy. Betting on triples is considered a high-risk strategy, going for this betting style depends completely on your bankroll.

  • Triple bets are least likely to win and that’s why you should lower your betting amount in these types of high-risking strategies. Always remember the strength of your bankroll.
  • If you ever decide to go for the triple betting option, then we recommend you go for any triples betting option instead of choosing a single number in the triple bet option.

#5. Make balance in your bets

To sustain in gambling for a longer time, you must learn to balance your bets. Neutralize your loss by winning the bets from mixed combinations in Sic Bo 10CRIC live casino game.


  • For instance, suppose you placed two bets of ₹20 each on a small number and even number and the dice total value turns out to be 9. In that case, you win the small number bet but lose the even number bet.
  • You get ₹40 in return, neutralizing the loss through an even number of bets and getting back what you wager in. This strategy works wonders in longer-term and overall profit.

#6. Never place triple bets

Never say never! Therefore, we would like to change the word ‘never’ to ‘avoid’. We recommend avoiding placing triple bets as much as you can. It can make your pay-out 150 times your bet, but this happens rarely.

  • If you believe in strong luck of yours, then go ahead and keep betting on triple bets. But, if you believe in your brain more, then we recommend following simple Sic Bo strategies.
  • Place your bets on mixed betting options, choose optimum odds to double up your large sum of money, and play the game as you can afford. Don’t go overboard.

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#7. Betting system working

The saying goes the house always wins, it’s true. No betting system can destroy the house, but a great betting system can make your bank account. Hence, focus on building yourself and not destroying the house.


  • 80% of Sic Bo casino game is based on luck, you can handle 20% of it. We recommend you handle it best from your side and let your luck take care of the rest.
  • The best betting system for your Sic Bo strategy is your intuition based on previous results. Grab on tight upon your intuition, only if you believe it 100% and pave your way to earn more.


What’s the largest amount of money you won in your online gambling journey yet? If it didn’t cross grands yet, then you are missing the strategies in your style. For starters, know 7 Sic Bo tricks and tips to earn more and discover more tricks for different casino games in betting tips. Kric88 practices, research, and brings the best for punters.

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