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Introducing tennis spread betting at 10CRIC

One of the most popular forms of sports betting is handicap betting. Many punters don’t know that handicap betting is also called spread betting. European punters prefer handicap whereas American punters prefer spread betting. Hence, if you know tennis handicap betting then you don’t have to learn spread betting; it’s just a different word for the same process.


Tennis spread betting is available in 10CRIC India under the name of Set handicap. Hence, you must bet on the set handicap betting option if you want to bet on the spread. Let’s understand the tennis spread betting in more depth and hold tight to the opportunity of earning more through it.

Working on Tennis spread betting

In tennis spread betting, one team is provided with a numerical advantage over the other team. While the opponent team has given a numerical disadvantage.

  • The ultimate result of the match doesn’t determine the winner of the best since a decided number is added to a weaker team and deducted from a stronger team.
  • After the addition and deduction, the team with the highest score wins the bet. This tennis spread betting allows the weaker team to win by providing them with the advantage.

Let’s learn to read tennis spread betting so you can bet with a better perspective than just following the strong feeling of your gut. Know how to win on tennis betting and make real money.

Learn to read Tennis spread betting

Let’s take an example and a fake tennis match between team A & team B. Team A is stronger than team B & we are going to bet on the tennis spread betting of 1.5. Team A will be presented as team A (-1.5) and team B will be presented with team B (+1.5)


  • Suppose the result of team A vs team B is 5 – 4. Team A’s score will be deducted by 1.5 making the score 3.5, 5 – 1.5 & team B’s score will be added by 1.5, making the score 5.5.
  • Hence, the new ultimate score is team A on 3.5 and team B on 5.5. Even though the winner of the match is team A but the winner on the tennis spread betting is team B

How to do Tennis spread betting at 10CRIC – 3 steps guide

Learn how to do tennis spread betting at 10CRIC India in 3 simplest steps. Follow the points mentioned below to do tennis spread betting.

Step 1: Access 10CRIC, sign up & Select Sports

  • Access 10CRIC India via the official link provided in the article to avoid duplicated websites.
  • Click on ‘join now’ to make the 10CRIC register, given in the top right corner of the homepage.


  • Select ‘Sports’ from the horizontal list of all the products, given alongside the 10CRIC logo.

Step 2: Select a popular league tennis match to bet on

  • Choose ‘Tennis’ from the left panel under the All Sports section, where all available sports are given for betting at 10CRIC India.


  • Select ‘ATP Challenger Aix en Provence, France Men Doubles’ under the ‘Top Leagues’ section, since it is one of the most popular leagues to bet on.
  • Choose the ongoing or upcoming tennis match to bet on with 10CRIC India and its minimum betting limit of ₹5.

Step 3: Observe the odds & place your bets

  • Observe the odds before placing your bets on a tennis match at 10CRIC India and understand the tennis spread betting better with the practical use of it.
  • Select the team to prefer to bet on and don’t forget to consider the reduction and addition of assigned numbers you choose to bet on in the result of the match.


  • Enter the betting amount of stake you want to wager in and recheck the potential payout. Remember, the minimum betting stake is ₹5 at 10CRIC Sports, and win 100 times of it with betting tips.


  • Suppose you chose to bet on Aeneodo R / Walkow (-1.5) with 4.52 odds and a ₹100 betting stake.
  • Then the potential payout will be ₹452, a multiplication of odds on the team and your wagering amount.
  • Hence, if Aeneodo R / Walkow wins after subtracting 1.5 from its final score then you win the bet and get ₹452.

The two possible cases are given below in the tabular form if the punter decides to bet on either of them with a ₹100 stakes. Let’s see what will happen if the punter predicts right and wrong.

Case 1: Aeneodo R / Walkow with odds (-1.5) Case 2: Glasspool / Helipvaara with odds (+1.5)
Tennis-spread-betting-07 Tennis-spread-betting-08
Odds: 4.52 Odds: 1.12
Wager: ₹100 Wager: ₹100
Pay-out: ₹452 Pay-out: ₹112
If Aeneodo R / Walkow (-1.5) wins: you get ₹452 If Glasspool / Helipvaara (+1.5) wins: you get ₹112
If Aeneodo R / Walkow (-1.5) loses: you lose ₹100 If Glasspool / Helipvaara (+1.5) loses: you lose ₹100

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Your interest in tennis shouldn’t go in vain! Use the love, understanding, and keen knowledge of predicting the right winner almost every time. Follow the three steps to do tennis spread betting at 10CRIC India and grab an opportunity to make a living out of it. Start with making your account at 10CRIC India and depositing your first amount to claim the welcome promotion made for new consumers like you.

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