Best 10 tips for betting on football matches at 10CRIC India

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Are you ready to make more real money with football matches? Make the most out of the English Premier League season. Enhance your earnings with the top 10 tips for betting on football matches at 10CRIC India. Print yourself more legal money in this season of English Premier League and every other upcoming.

#1. Do thorough research beforehand

Placing bets without knowledge is the stupidest thing to do. Do your research thoroughly before placing your bets on football matches. Understand the game, betting market, and betting odds.


  • Know the key positions of football, players standing in the position, previous performances of the team with each other, other teams, and players to understand the prediction.
  • Do research on different platforms, don’t rely on one source. Investigate 5-6 different sources to check the credibility of your research. Be ready to bet like a master and earn more.

#2. Begin with focused and small bets

If you are an amateur in the online betting world, then we strongly recommend you start your betting journey with small bets. Start with a minimum betting limit and don’t go spending all your money.

  • Less than 7% of your bankroll should be devoted to online betting, your desire. Most of the betting platforms offer a minimum betting limit of ₹100 to the most to bet on a football match.
  • Place your small bets in focused areas. Master yourself in one sport instead of keeping your legs in two different boats. Start your journey with over under football betting with the smallest betting bets to understand.

#3. Don’t bet on favorites blindly

Betting experts categorize the teams as favorite and underdog. The favorite team is the strong team that is more likely to win. The underdog team is the weak team of the match in football.


  • Make your facts straight before blindly supporting the favorite. Underdog surprises the best way most of the time. Bookmakers often give greater odds to the favorite team.
  • Don’t go distracted by the greater odds, the aim is to win no matter how much. Start with small profits and then jump into the higher betting amount in football matches.

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#4. Double chance football betting

Choose an online betting platform that allows you a double chance in football betting. It means that you can bet on more than one team in a betting option to neutralize your profit and loss.

  • Suppose you choose to bet on the 1×2 betting option, there are three options for you to bet on, 1, x, and 2. In double chance football betting, you can bet on either 2 to ensure winnings.
  • Double chance football betting allows the players to neutralize their loss by winning through other betting options. Choose an online betting platform that allows double chance betting.

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#5. Never bet on the greatest odd

Greater odds are to lure the players on the web. Hit for the greater odds but never go for the greatest odds. They offer intimidating pay-out while the truth behind them is to grab your money.


  • Inexperienced punters offer to get attracted to higher pay-outs and often forget that they might just be the way to lure them in and grab their money since betting is an uncertain game.
  • Place your bets on optimum betting odds. Don’t go too overboard with them. They do determine your pay-out, but they also change as the match goes on further, near to the result.

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#6. Knowledge over Instinct always

Remember, your knowledge is way ahead of your instincts. Never trust your guts without knowledge. Do your thorough research of football matches, teams, players, and history to predict the match.

  • If you are placing bets to make living out of it, then trusting your guts should be the last thing in your mind while playing football betting. Follow your brain, not your heart in online betting.
  • When you have all the knowledge you need to make the right decision, only then your gut feeling can play an accurate and little part in your decision-making process, Be aware of the truth.

#7. Understand the football betting market

There is a lot more to the football betting market than you can think of. The football betting market offers the greatest number of betting options with fascinating complications and greater odds.


  • 1×2 football betting option is the simplest betting option where 1 stands for home team winning, x stands for a draw and 2 stands for away team winning the football match.
  • Asian handicap betting neglects the ultimate score of the match. There are many fascinating betting options in the football betting market. Over/under, handicap, draw, etc are some.

#8. Follow your trusted football tipster

There are various online tipsters present in the online world. The best and only way to know how trustworthy and valid their predictions are is to trust, place bets and wait for the results.

  • Before betting on any football match, look thoroughly into the football sports forecast. Don’t just investigate the first sports forecast that your searching browser presents you with.
  • Investigate three or four tipsters at least before placing your bet. Know previous performances of the teams and players to make as precise a prediction as you can of a football match-winner.

#9. Choose multiple betting platforms

Before betting on any football match, we recommend you see multiple betting platforms. Observe their betting odds, statistics, predictions, and betting options too. Choose the best one.


  • Some of the good betting platforms for you to look at are 10CRIC sports, Dafabet, Betway, Fun88 & W88. Observe their odds and choose the one with adequate odds, neither too great nor too small.
  • Prefer placing bets on different betting platforms if you want to place bets on more than one betting option on any football match. Diversify your bets to ensure no one knows wealth.

#10. Claim advantage of the welcome bonus

The best first offer that most online betting platform offers is the welcome promotional deal for new customers. All you have to do is sign up for your account and deposit some money.

  • Read the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus before claiming. You also have to complete the wagering requirement. Choose the best promotional deal that offers the most.
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